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General Education

Complete and Varied Curriculum Design

The General Education Center provides a variety of courses for each track. In addition to the required courses, many electives are offered so that students can use their free periods to satisfy their individual needs and fulfill their lives.

To promote the quality of research and teaching, the General Education Center holds an academic conference each year. By enthusiastically promoting the conference, the Center hopes to encourage faculty to continue their research. 


Educational Goals

To promote students' self-discipline, ability of integration and adjustment. 

To cultivate students with artistic and cultural appreciation. 

To cultivate students' understanding of nature and concern about their environment and life. 

To promote students' ability of logical thinking and independent judgment. 

To promote students' futuristic vision and life-long learning orientation. 

To cultivate students with an attitude to actively concern about the society and willingness to serve others.


Directions of the research

To encourage all teachers of the General Education Center to devote themselves to basic & applied research, and strengthen their enterprise-academic research interest and capability. 

To create joint effort among scholars and experts inside and outside the OCU campus in order to integrate the teaching, research and theory; and therefore to exhibit the application and practicability of the integration.


Focuses of the research

The popularization of the art education 

The survey of the community/country 

The exploration of the social problems 

The research of the regional economic development 

The analysis of the family & gender education 

The ethics of the business and the training of the pre-employment 

The research and popularization of the biotechnology 

The investigation research of the culture & landscape


Journal of Humanities and Applied Sciences 

Twice each year, the General Education Center invites academic papers written by teachers from inside and outside campus. These papers are then anonymously reviewed by prominent scholars and published by the center.